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Here are a few testimonials from our guests

I have worked with the Riverside Convention Center for many years and have consistently found the whole team to be professional, warm and solution oriented. I had to cancel my 2020 event due to COVID and the various restrictions and impacts the pandemic has had on our industry. At a time of notable unsurety and distress, the staff at the Riverside Convention Center made it SEAMLESS for me to cancel my event. They were helpful, understanding and accommodating at every juncture. There was absolutely no out of pocket loss for me and in fact, the staff worked hard to assure me that they would be there to help me re-build my event in 2021. We need more of this in the business world. I will be back in 2021 and every year thereafter!

Lynn Ledford
The SUMMIT Professional Development Conference

When we had to cancel our August 2020 conference due to Covid-19, the Riverside Convention Center & Bureau were extremely accommodating and had excellent communication as state guidelines continued to change. Our conference deposit was transferred to our 2021 date without any extra charges to us. Our organization has enjoyed 10 years in Riverside, and we are grateful for the professional staff that we interact with year after year.

Susan Holmes, Conclave

“Our annual conference was scheduled to be conducted in November 2020 and then the pandemic happened. All of our plans had been made, contracts signed, and deposits made. When we made our call to Tuyen to let her know that we would need to move our event to November 2021 she was pleasant, understanding and accommodating. We were able to easily move our event to 2021 hassle free and with no additional fees or penalties. We had been hearing stories from our colleagues about their struggles to move or cancel their events and we were so grateful that our experience was such a positive one. We are looking forward to our event in November 2021 and continuing our collaboration.”

Ann England, Project Coordinator
SELPA Content Lead-ASD
California Autism Professional Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN)

Shaheen – working with you and the staff at the RCC has always been a pleasure. The 2020 Covid19 pandemic created a chaotic situation where TSC did not know by May 2020 if our annual Summer Cheer and Dance Camps would actualize in the summer months. Schools were closed, athletes did not have try-outs, teams did not formalize and school’s were not able to commit to coming to camp. Our ongoing open line of communication, sharing of local, state and federal mandates, and the status of the venues opening enabled us to plan ahead. Ultimately, we had to postpone the 2020 TSC Summer Camps and not incurring any penalties was a light in a very dark tunnel!!!

We look forward to returning to the RCC as soon as it is possible to host a large camp of 600+ athletes and athletes return to the sports they love.

Thank you again for your assistance and ongoing support.

Ronnie Kirschner
TSC Camp Administrator

Ronnie Kirschner
Summer Camp Manager and Administrator, The Spirit Consultants

The Center
The RCC is a beautiful space – modern, bright, spotless and welcoming. A neutral canvas that allows you to craft any type of event and transform the space to be truly yours. For those attending a week-long conference, mostly in dark meeting rooms, it is a delight to take a break, walk the halls of the center and enjoy the warm beaming sunlight from the center’s breathtaking windows, or get some fresh air on the outdoor terrace. It’s close proximity to four major hotels is fantastic! Attendees are only steps away from their accommodations. The RCC has it all and more. They are perfect for any event size and offer some the very best hospitality in the industry!

Genuine Care
The staff at the Riverside Convention Center not only care about the success of your event, but they truly care about their customers. On day 3 of our 7-day event, I was experiencing a sore throat. When I arrived at the Center, super early in the morning, I was greeted by our account executive, Paige, with a warm cup of tea and throat lozenges to get me through the day. I will always remember that moment and act of kindness.

Food & Beverage
I cannot say enough about the amazing culinary and banquet team at the Riverside Convention Center. Chef Brad and his culinary team created custom menus for our group and carefully crafted special meals for our international guests that followed special dietary guidelines from vegetarian to vegan to Kosher to Halal. Not only was the food delicious, but also displayed in a very artistic and beautiful way. Their service to our attendees was second to none.

Our room set-ups and design were carefully curated by the most amazing Director of Banquets, Jamil. His top-level attention to detail and deep dedication to customer satisfaction shined through in all that he did for us. Jamil make my job so much easier and if he was involved, I knew I never had to worry about a thing. Oh, and to top it all off, for our gala affair, Jamil wore an extra fancy tuxedo coat to match the level of event we were hosting. He is a team player and truly does everything in his power to make your event extraordinary!

Family and my second home away from home
While working with the Riverside Convention Center and Visitors Bureau on events, I felt not only a part of their team, but also a part of their Riverside family. This feeling did go away after our event. It was solidified, when months after one of our big events, I was in Riverside for unrelated business. A colleague of mine and I were having lunch a local restaurant. I ran into RCC President and GM Scott and Director of Facilities Oscar at the restaurant. They immediately jumped to their feet and greeted me with a big hug. It was like seeing family! This is why I tell many people that I consider Riverside one of my second homes, away from home.

I have hosted events in numerous convention centers and hotels and have not seen a more cohesive team of staff members, as the team at the RCC. This was evident when it rained (yes, I said rain, it hardly ever rains in Riverside!) the morning of our outdoor event. In order to prepare for the outdoor event and clean-up from the rain, I literally saw every single RCC staff member in action on the Plaza to ensure our event came off without a hitch. President and GM Scott Megna was even out on the Plaza (in his work clothes) helping his team set-up and ensure we had a flawless event. And a flawless event we had, it was AMAZING and nearly two years later, guests from all of the world are still talking about it! This is because of the teamwork, can-do attitude, top-notch customer service and stellar leadership at the RCC.

Security and Safety
The RCC has a remarkable 24-hour security team. I did not have to worry a bit about the safety and security of our attendees. Nor did I have to worry about the security of equipment or items that were on display 24/7 at the center. Security was always accessible and there when you needed them, no matter what hour of the day or night. I always had a security guards phone number to contact if I needed to enter the center, which many times included visits very late at night and my daily access to the center, which was very early in the morning. The on-duty security would ensure I not only had access to the center, but they also ensured my walk to and from my hotel was under their watch and that I was always safe. Their attention to detail and dedication to the security of our guests and our events has been superior.

I cannot say enough great things about the facilities team at the RCC. This team worked tirelessly to ensure the installation of our numerous signs, banner and flags. They are MacGyver’s, engineers and make the impossible, possible! Director of Facilities Oscar tended to every need we had and executed our installation flawlessly. I am terribly afraid of heights, and much of our facility installation required use of a ladder and lift – so you can imagine the facilities staff were superhero’s in my opinion. Oscar and his team zoomed through the center up and down ladder and lifts, making our event come alive. International guests still mention to me how special it was to see their country flag, welcoming them, as they entered the center. This special flag installation was executed by Oscar and his team – they are awesome!

CVB Staff
The excellent service, care and attention from the Riverside CVB doesn’t stop after you sign your contracts and are transitioned to a team at the Convention Center to handle your event. The CVB is still right there, working right alongside you, the hotels and convention center. Words cannot describe the respect I have for the CVB VP of Sales Anne Seymour. She is an amazing communicator and works tirelessly to put together the most comprehensive packages for any size event we have had in Riverside. Anne goes more than above and beyond. She is a hospitality super-star, possesses the greatest can-do personality and exudes creativity and energy that is contagious! If you’re working with Anne, you are in the best hands possible. Anne is a “Fixer”. If there is a problem, Anne has a solution, or she knows someone with a solution. For example, I had guests staying at neighboring hotels that needed round-trip shuttle service from their hotels to the center, daily. Anne provided a beautiful golf cart and daily shuttling services. This was extra special for our attendees. She puts her clients and Riverside visitors first and crafts some of the most creative and unique ideas for your events. Anne and her team at the CVB have been a true pleasure to work with. Whenever I’m in Riverside, they welcome me with open arms – making me feel like family.

Hotel Partners
I have had the pleasure of working with three of Riverside’s hotel partners – The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Hyatt Place and Marriott at the Convention Center. The accommodations, guest services and hospitality have been outstanding by all hotel partners.

The hotels in the Downtown Riverside area are all wonderful – I have stayed at all of them. But when I visit Riverside, it is my preference to stay at The Mission Inn. It is also where I house all of my VIP guests. The Mission Inn is truly the “gem” of Downtown Riverside. I feel magic when I walk through the doors of the Mission Inn. The Inn boasts a beautiful scent, that you will never forget. You can feel the rich history of the Inn and what it embodies. It’s repertoire of fine restaurants, unique meeting spaces, luxurious guest rooms and an award-winning spa make it one of my very favorite places to stay. I also cannot go without mentioning, that that I have hosted numerous meetings and events at The Mission Inn. Their staff from administrative to housekeeping are amazing! The Mission Inn and their staff cater to your every need and always provide a first-class experience. I highly recommend The Mission Inn. The Mission Inn’s Sales Executive Carol Brown is a true delight to work with. Carol was the first member of the hospitality industry in Riverside that I met. Her dedication to service and wealth of knowledge led to the hosting of more events in Riverside and the use of the RCC for our larger events.

Carolina Evangelo
Director of Communications,
California Citrus Research Board

We are the organizers for the 15th IEEE Conference on Network, Architecture and Storage (NAS), to be held at the Riverside Conference Center (RCC) in October 2021. We would like to thank you and your team at the RCC for moving the  conference multiple times without any cancellation fees. The conference was supposed to be held originally in November 2020. We first moved to May 2021 due to COVID. Since it does not look like the COVID situation in California will be any  better in May, we are again working to move it to October 2021. We are in the process of revising the contract. The staff at RCC have been extremely understanding and helpful in finding new dates and working diligently with the IEEE for modifying the contracts. We look forward to a COVID-free enjoyable get-together for the conference in October, 2021. Thank you for all your help.

Laxmi N. Bhuyan
University of California, Riverside
General Chair, NAS 2021

Dung Vu
California State University, San Bernadino
Local Arrangement Chair, NAS 2021

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